Welcome to Chroma Camera

The home of the newest,  and most colourful,  4×5 large format film camera to hit the market.



Chroma is a brand new large format technical field camera, assembled from laser cut acrylic and available in a selection of colours to suit your own personal style.

The camera uses a technical front standard for creative control and folds down to a compact size for “grab and go” photography.  For full details, please see the Kickstarter campaign.

Kickstarter Campaign Launch


We Did It!  Chroma is now ready to go at 450% funded!


Chroma Family Portrait


Future Developments

Chroma has been built as a modular system to allow for growth.  I’m already working on a selection of additional features that will be launched, subject to community demand, in the future;

  • Simplified traditional front standard
  • Brand new acrylic wet plate holder
  • Brand new acrylic 6×12 rollfilm holder
  • Brand new acrylic Instax Wide holder
  • Ground glass with embedded digital light meter to account for bellows draw

These are all future developments for Chroma.  The Kickstarter campaign is specifically for the 4×5 technical field camera which accepts standard large format DDS (Double Dark Slide) and Fujifilm Quickload film holders which are readily available, both new and used.


If you’d like to know any more information about the camera or future developments, please signup to the Chroma mailing list below.   You’ll receive all of the latest updates and campaign news straight to your inbox.  Cheers, Steve