Chroma “Advanced” 4×5 Large Format Field Camera


Chroma 4×5 Advanced Large Format Field Camera

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Chroma 4×5 Advanced Large Format Field Camera


After a successful Kickstarter campaign in 2018, this is the first retail release of a limited number of Chroma Cameras.  Based on the original design drawn in 2016, this version has undergone numerous iterations and improvements to the point that this is now one of the most featured/affordable large format field cameras available at this price.  It’s also highly customisable in a range of colours to allow you to build a camera that’s as unique as you are.

Retail Chroma side on
Chroma camera setup and ready to go!


Technical Specifications

Front Rise/Fall – 25mm each way
Front Shift – 25mm each way
Front Tilt – Limited by lens coverage each way
Front Swing – 50 degrees each way
Rear Tilt – Limited by lens coverage forwards, 17 degrees backwards

Maximum bellows extension: 300mm
Minimum bellows extension: 65mm

Folded Dimensions: 220x170x120mm
Weight: 1600g


The Chroma has been designed by myself, with support from the analogue community, with functionality and control being the two primary objectives.  The design includes;

  • Split independent control of front rise/fall and tilt to provide very accurate movements.


  • Accurate focussing bed design/method which uses a rear mounted focusing knob with slide out extension bar and central lead screw for much finer focusing and no need to lock the focus in place.


  • Infinitely adjustable front standard positioning on the focusing bed. There are two locking knobs which, when loosened, allow the standard to slide backwards/forwards to position it for your lenses. You no longer need to unscrew the front standard entirely to move positions and the standard is left secured to the bed when folding the camera down.


  • Combined 3D printed/acrylic rear standard mounts for rigidity and weight saving.


  • 3D printed front standard uprights for smooth movements, with integrated magnets at zero rise/fall and tilt.


  • Slim main focusing bed to reduce weight, without compromising on rigidity.


  • Front standard uses a friction/click lock for the vertical rather than the older style locking plate on each side.  This both simplifies the opening/closing of the camera and reduces the number of moving parts.


  • Integrated bullseye spirit levels on both front/rear standards and focusing bed to ensure a level starting point.



All cameras will be built using matte black acrylic as their base colour.  However, on ordering you can choose which accent colour you would like for your camera, along with the option of coloured inlaid text on the back of the ground glass cover.  The accent parts will be;

Top layer of the focusing bed

Outside base pieces for the front standard

Outside rear uprights

Ground glass holder

Cover of rear focusing knob

Front plate of lens surround

Both included lens boards

The inlaid text can either be all the same colour, a selection of colours or left as a cutout.  Some examples are below;

Purple With Black Inlaid Text
Purple With Black Inlaid Text
Purple With Black Inlaid Text
Purple With Black Inlaid Text
Gloss Green With No Inlaid Text
Gloss Green With No Inlaid Text
Gloss Green With No Inlaid Text
Gloss Green With No Inlaid Text
Gloss Green With Multi Coloured Text
Gloss Green With Multi Coloured Text
Gloss Green With Black Text
Gloss Green With Black Coloured Text
Matte Black With Multi Coloured Text
Matte Black With Multi Coloured Text


All Chroma cameras come included with a custom 0.4mm pinhole lens board and a second plain lens board in whichever shutter size you require.  These will be the same colour as your accent colour choice.  Either specify the shutter size you require when ordering, or send me an email with your requirement afterwards.

The lead time for each camera will be 12-14 weeks and you will receive regular status updates regarding their completion.


Additional information

Weight 2.6 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm
Accent Colour

Matte Black, Gloss Black, Purple, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink, White

Inlaid Text

NONE, Matte Black, Gloss Black, Blue, Green, Red, Purple, White, Yellow, Pink


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