• 3D Printed 6×7 Pinhole AlbumHERE

The pinhole is 0.4mm, with a focal length on 6×7 of approximately 35mm so that will help you use a pinhole calculator to work out the best exposure for whatever film you use in it.  The back is a standard Graphic 23 6×7 roll film holder that takes medium format (120) film.  There is a Youtube video showing you how to load it HERE  You will get 10 shots from a roll and can see some of my examples on my Flickr page linked above.

I designed and printed this camera myself and hope you get as much enjoyment from it as I did.

  • Leica camera – Sorry, it’s not a real Leica ;0)  – If you open it up I hope you’ll have a nice surprise with the film inside;

Ilford Pan50 120 – ISO50 B&W film that expired in June 2018 so is basically still brand new in film terms.

Fuji Pro 120 – Colour negative film that I’ve used previously in the pinhole.  This is expired but, I think, only by a year or two so I’d expose it at box speed.

Portra 160 135 x 2 – These are approximately 13 years OOD but were fridge-stored all their life.  I’ve shot a few rolls at ISO100 and had good results from them.

Revolog Tesla – Again, I don’t know the expiry date of this film but it’s a pretty ‘experimental’ emulsion so should be fun.  I’ve included the canister for the film in the box as it has some advice printed on it for getting the best results.

  • Emulsive/Chroma Secret Santa Mug – Everyone needs a new mug at Christmas so what better than a one-off Emulsive/Chroma design!


  • Chroma Limited Edition Metal Pin Badge– These were created by Mike Padua at ShootFilmCo for my Chroma Kickstarter campaign.  Check out his site for more awesome analogue photography gear.


  • Selection of stickers – Who doesn’t like stickers!


  • Finally, a large format slide of my Christmas tree here in the UK.  This was the first ever sheet of large format film I exposed and was taken using the first ever large format camera I built (HERE).  I hope you like this slide and it shows something about me.

I really hope you enjoy the gifts I’ve sent, and my very personal wrapping paper!  I look forward to seeing what results you can get with the pinhole and hope the films are ones you enjoy shooting.

Have a Merry Christmas!