The Advanced 4×5 technical field camera is a development of the first Chroma camera released in 2018. The new version is lighter than the original (1550g), more rigid and has the same brand new leaf spring design back with rotating Graflok cams found on the Snapshot and Carbon Adventurer.

Like both the Carbon Adventurer, and the Snapshot, the Advanced 4×5 uses a bright ground glass to aid critical focusing. The glass is mounted inside a plastic frame, which has a recess built in to allow for an accessory acrylic fresnel to be fitted in order to distribute the light even further. These can be purchased separately from the shop when ordering your camera.

The camera can be folded down without needing to detach the front standard or bellows. By loosening all adjustment thumbscrews, the camera can also be folded down with smaller lenses left in place (max 20mm forwards from the front lens surround face).

To offer true multi-holder compatibility, like the Carbon Adventurer and Snapshot cameras, the Advanced 4×5 camera uses a combination of fibreglass leaf springs/ground glass and rotating Graflok compatible cams to secure all International Standard holders/backs.

Standard 4×5 sheet film holders are inserted beneath the sprung ground glass, and secured in place using the standard retaining ribs found on all holders. Along with these, the following holders have also been tested to successfully fit beneath the glass;

Fujifilm Quickload

Grafmatic 6 sheet holder

Polaroid 545

ChromaGraphica double dry plate 

ChromaGraphica single wet plate (beta)

For larger holders, the ground glass is easily removed by unclipping two locating pins, allowing those holders to be slid into place and secured using the fibreglass leaf springs and rotating Graflok cams. This securing method has been tested successfully with the following holders;

Toyo 4/5 69 120 Rollfilm

Grafmatic 6 sheet holder

ChromaGraphica double dry plate

Advanced 4×5 cameras come with the following

Acrylic/Nylon magnetic removable bellows

Independently controlled rise/fall and tilt movements on the front standard

Magnetically fixed rotating back

0.4mm Pinhole lens board

Standard lens boardadditional boards available separately

Removable Ground glass – with integrated rebate for optional fresnel lens

There is no lens included with the Advanced 4×5 – This will need to be supplied by the photographer.

Technical Specifications

Front Standard

  • 25mm Front Rise / 25mm Front Fall – Magnetically zeroed, independently locked
  • Front tilt only limited by lens coverage each way – Magnetically zeroed, independently locked
  • 30mm Front Shift each way
  • 45 degree Front Swing each way

Rear Standard

  • 20mm Rise / 20mm Fall – Magnetically zeroed
  • 45 degree front tilt, 17 degree rear tilt

Weight & Dimensions

  • Total weight without lens – 1580g / 3.5lb
  • Folded Dimensions –


  • Aluminium – 3mm folded front/rear u-frames
  • Acrylic – multi-thickness components, laser cut
  • PLA – main body components, 3d printed
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