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Baby Cube - 24x24mm frame 135 Pinhole

Baby Cube - 24x24mm frame 135 Pinhole

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Build Time - 1-2 weeks


The 'Baby Cube' is the smallest member of the Chroma Family, measuring just 90mm wide, 90mm high, 40mm deep, and weighing only 150g, with a film loaded!

Baby Cube is a pocketable pinhole camera which can go anywhere with you.



0.2mm Pinhole

30mm focal length

F/150 equivalent aperture

24x24mm frame size

Top-plate mounted magnetic shutter 

Standard 1/4" tripod thread on the base

“Lift to rewind” smooth film transport

Magnetic removable 49mm filter adaptor ring 


Body Size - 90(h) x 90mm (w) x 40mm (d)


The Cube also has a unique frame alignment system, meaning that spacing between images is always right, but still offers the flexibility for multiple exposures if you want to experiment for some truly unique results.


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