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Chroma Camera

KitCube - Self Build 35mm Pinhole Camera

KitCube - Self Build 35mm Pinhole Camera

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 Build time - 2 weeks


The KitCube is the latest camera from the Chroma Family, and the first that you can enjoy the process of building yourself! 

You don't need to have a wide selection of tools, or experience, to build your own KitCube. Everything you need, apart from a basic Phillips (cross head) screwdriver, is included in the box, and the easy to follow Build Guide is available to view and download below.


Click For Build Guide


The Build Guide has clear diagrams and text to follow, making it a really fun build for all ages, and giving you an excellent quality, pocket sized, pinhole camera which delivers up to 52 square images on a standard roll of 35mm film.

 As well as all the components to build your own camera, the KitCube also comes with a custom laser cut black textured vinyl skin set, making it really easy to create your own great looking Cube. As an extra bonus, you can use the backing of the vinyl as a template to create your own unique looking Cube!


Use the hashtag #KitCube and share your own personal Cube online


The KitCube has the same unique frame alignment system and sliding acrylic shutter plate, as the retail "Baby Cube", meaning that spacing between images is always right, but still offers the flexibility for multiple exposures if you want to experiment for some truly unique results. It also comes included with a magnetic 49mm adaptor ring, allowing all standard 49mm threaded filters to be used. The integrated magnets are also compatible with the TriChroma Adaptor, which is a triple rotating filter, providing red/green/blue filters to be used with any black and white film to allow you to create your own TriChrome images

The entire rear body is removable, secured using the metal thumbscrew built in to the base, which also holds the standard 1/4" tripod mounting thread, making loading/unloading your film simple and quick.

KitCube Technical Specifications

Dimensions - 84mm(w) X 68mm (h) X 38mm (d)

Weight - 112g (without film), 132g (with film)

Pinhole Diameter - 0.2mm

Distance to Film - 30mm

Equivalent Aperture - F/150

Frame Size - 24x24mm

Sliding acrylic shutter

1/4" Standard Tripod Thread

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