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Schneider 75mm F8 Lens with Camera Setup

Schneider 75mm F8 Lens with Camera Setup

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The Schneider 75mm F8 lens is a compact lens housed in a Copal 0 shutter. The lens is recommended for formats up to 4x5, with an image circle of 154mm. There is a small amount of damage to the filter thread, so this may impact the ability to fit those.

Weighing 314g, this lens a fantastic combination with a CubePan (24x72 135 format), Six:6 (6x6 120 format), Six:9 (6x9 120 format), Six:12 (6x12 120 format), SnapShot Multi (4x5 large format) or SnapShot Instant (Instax Wide - LomoGraflok back not included).

The lens coverage is slightly smaller than a 6x17 frame (156mm vs 179mm) but will cover the frame with some light falloff at the edges.

The shutter speeds sound accurate, and all work correctly.

Select your preferred camera system above and you will receive a full setup that just needs film.

Included in the setup:

- Camera body of your choice

- Schneider 75mm F8 lens in Copal 0 shutter with front/rear (non original) caps

- Copal 0 Lens board

- Matching lens cone



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