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Six:6 Medium Format (120) Camera & Lens Cone of Choice

Six:6 Medium Format (120) Camera & Lens Cone of Choice

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Build Time – 2-3 weeks


The Six:6 is the most compact, lightweight, medium format camera with dedicated, interchangeable, magnetic lens cones to allow for a range of focal lengths to be used by the photographer.

 All Six:6 cameras come with one lens cone/helicoid (where required) as standard. Various lens cone options are currently available, with more being added regularly. If there is a specific lens you wish to use, and it's not listed, get in touch and a custom cone can be designed, so long as the rear element is smaller than 60mm diameter, and the shutter size is smaller than 54mm;

All lens cones are secured using 8 very strong neodymium magnets, as well as a physical latch, and can be removed by pushing the left side of the cone from the inside of the body to release the magnets. The camera also has an integrated darkslide, allowing you to change lenses whilst there is a film loaded, for complete creative flexibility.

Film loading/unloading is simple, thanks to the hinged  rear door, secured using strong embedded magnets.

Both the take up and rewind knobs are machined aluminium.

The rear of the camera body has a single covered red window, used to quickly and easily wind on to the next frame. The full manual winding means that double/multiple exposures are easily created so your own creativity can experiment.

Standard frame format is a traditional square frame (56x56mm), using every number when winding on between frames, giving 12 images from a roll of standard 120 film (e.g. 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12)

The basic Six:6 camera weighs only 220g, without lens/cone, and is only  129x103x45mm making it a very compact system that you can comfortably carry in a small bag, or attached via a camera strap. 

As well as a standard 1/4" tripod thread built in to the body of the camera, there is a single central coldshoe in the top plate.Accessory viewfinders/rangefinders can be used in the cold shoe to help with framing/focus (not included).



129mm wide

45mm deep

103mm high, including the winding knobs.

Weighs 220g without a lens

Included with your Six:6

Six:6 Camera
Lens cone of your choice 
Lens Board of your choice (if required)
Drop in ground glass for setting up your preferred focus distances



There is no lens included with the Six:6 - This will need to be supplied by the photographer.

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