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SnapShot Rigid

SnapShot Rigid

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Lead Time – 4-6 weeks

Includes – Camera body, grip, ground glass, fixed mount cone, focussing helicoid and lens board


The SnapShot Rigid is a development of the Standard SnapShot system, with a custom 3D printed cone in place of the standard bellows. The rigid cone is designed to match your lens of choice, and creates an even lighter large format system than a standard bellows design SnapShot.

It's an exciting way to shoot large/medium/instant format film and plate photography, without needing a tripod. Weighing only 580g without a lens, and coupled with a high quality ground glass, smooth metal helicoid for precise focusing, triple cold shoes on the top plate for multiple accessories, strong fibreglass leaf springs, and printed Graflok plates, the SnapShot Rigid is a comfortable and very flexible unique camera.

Like all SnapShots, the Rigid uses a bright ground glass to allow for critical focusing, especially when tripod-mounted. The glass is mounted inside a plastic frame, which has a recess built in to allow for an accessory acrylic fresnel to be fitted in order to distribute the light even further. These can be purchased separately from the shop when ordering your camera, along with custom engraved grid lines for composition.

The high quality metal helicoid comes with a plain white focus distance ring, which can be marked easily by the photographer to highlight their own preferred focusing zones when using the Snapshot without ground glass focusing.

IMPORTANT – In order for a lens to be compatible with a Snapshot, the rear element must be smaller than 60mm diameter, as it is mounted through the focusing helicoid. The only exception to this is the Schneider 47XL, which has a 63mm diameter rear element, but can be mounted using a custom slim lens board, which allows for limited closer focus travel from infinity.


This excellent video was created by Martin Henson Photography, showing the basic usage of his Standard SnapShot, along with some excellent low light work;



Standard 4×5 sheet film holders are inserted beneath the sprung ground glass, and secured in place using the standard retaining ribs found on all holders. Along with these, the following holders have also been tested to successfully fit beneath the glass;

Fujifilm Quickload
Grafmatic 6 sheet holder
Polaroid 545
ChromaGraphica double dry plate 
ChromaGraphica single wet plate


To fit larger holders, such as medium format rollfilm, LomoGraflok, or Polaroid, the ground glass should be removed entirely.


The following are included with your SnapShot:


    • Matte black acrylic front accent plate
    • Fixed Metal M65 helicoid – 14mm total extension range
    • Lens boardadditional boards available separately
    • Removable Ground glass – with integrated rebate for optional fresnel lens


    There is no lens, film holder or remote cable release included with the Snapshot – These will need to be supplied by the photographer. 

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