4×5″ Wet Plate Holder – Standard Holder for all 4×5 Cameras


4×5″ Custom black wet plate holder, with integrated dark slide and magnetic lid.

Can also be used as a sheet film holder by adding the sheet film adaptor plate, linked below.


4×5″ Wet Plate Holder


4×5″ Wet plate holder for standard 4×5″ cameras, with removable dark slide and magnetic lid.


External dimensions (mm) – 175x120x12

Weight – 120g

Internal tray size (mm) – 128x105x2.5

(this is the dimension of the tray within the holder, the plate should be slightly smaller to allow for it to be easily inserted/removed)

This is built to industry-standard dimensions, ensuring compatibility with all 4×5 large format cameras, including Chroma, Intrepid, Toyo, Wista, etc. If your camera takes standard double sheet film holders (“DDS”), such as those from Fidelity/Toyo, this wet plate holder will also fit, and maintain focus accuracy.

All wet plate holders have corner mounts for securing plates as standard. Custom holders, with full surround are available on request. Please contact me before ordering if you would prefer a custom full surround.


Additional information

Plate Mounting Style

Corner Mounts, Full Surround


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