Carbon Adventurer – Carbon fibre technical field camera


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Pleated bellows in choice of black, red, blue, green or white

0.4mm Pinhole Lens Board

Standard linhof-style lens board of your choice



Camera folded down

225mm long

180mm wide

138mm high


Camera opened, in ‘standard’ zeroed position

225mm long

180mm wide

246mm high at rear

210mm high at front


Total weight is 1774g, with ground glass/bellows/lens board in place.


Lead Time – 14-16 Weeks



Carbon Adventurer – Lightweight Ultrawide Technical Field Camera

Lead Time – 14-16 weeks

The Carbon Adventurer is built using a combination of high quality machined carbon fibre, ABS and G10 fibreglass, to create a very rigid, but lightweight, technical field camera which is built for any adventure you want to make. As well as being light, and rigid, it also has a sliding rear standard to allow the use of ultra wide lenses without the focusing bed showing in the bottom of the frame.



  • Unique sliding rear standard design for ultra wide angle usage
  • Integrated double extension focusing bed – total focus range 65-385mm
  • Magnetically fixed rotating back
  • Custom made magnetic removable bellows by Custom Bellows Ltd, Birmingham
  • Independently controlled rise/fall and tilt movements on the front standard
  • Carbon Fibre standard lens board, available in Copal 0,1,3 or custom sizes as required.
  • Removable Ground glass – with integrated rebate for optional fresnel lens


Technical Specifications

Front Standard

  • 25mm Front Rise / 25mm Front Fall – Magnetically zeroed, independently locked
  • Front tilt only limited by lens coverage each way – Magnetically zeroed, independently locked
  • 30mm Front Shift each way
  • 45 degree Front Swing each way

Rear Standard

  • 20mm Rise / 20mm Fall – Magnetically zeroed
  • 45 degree front tilt, 17 degree rear tilt
  • 10 degree shift both ways

Weight & Dimensions

  • Total weight without lens – 1600g / 3lb
  • Folded Dimensions – 20cm(W) x 24cm(L) x 14cm(D)


  • Carbon fibre – multi-thickness components, cnc machined
  • PETG – main body components, 3d printed
  • G10 Fibreglass – Spring Plates


There is no lens/film holder included with the Carbon Adventure- This will need to be supplied by the photographer.


Additional information

Weight 2.5 kg
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 cm
Lens Board Size

Copal 0, Copal 1, Copal 3, Copal 3s, Blank, Custom

Bellows Colour

Black, Red, Blue, Green, White


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