“Chroma Heli” System





“Chroma Heli” system to mount Large Format compatible lenses with their own shutters. Standard system is black, grip available separately.


This setup includes the following components;


  • Ultrawide Helicoid front-body – Suitable for Schneider 47mm F/5.6 lens
  • Custom printed lens board (size according to shutter)
  • Interchangeable magnetic mid body (size according to lens used – subtract 52.2 from the lens “FFD” listed here)

1 x Interchangeable OEM rollfilm adaptor back (according to rollfilm holder specified – Mamiya Press, Mamiya RB Pro S, Graflex 23, Hasselblad V Series – original manual wind, or Horseman 6×9)


Please add your preferences at checkout for lens board size, mid-body depth and OEM rollfilm adaptor back. All other 679 OEM film back adaptors/accessories are compatible with this. They are available here

If you’re unsure of the correct lens board or mid-body size you need, please get in touch and I’m happy to help.



No lens or OEM rollfilm holder is included, these are supplied by the photographer.

Standard system is black, grip available separately.



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