LomoGraflok Springback Adaptor


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LomoGraflok compatible spring back adaptor unit


2 in stock


LomoGraflok compatible spring back adaptor unit, to allow for Instax wide preview exposures to be taken (LomoGraflok unit not included) then sheet/rollfilm exposures to be taken without the need to refocus.

Due to the functionality of the LomoGraflok Instax wide unit, the film plane is moved backwards by 19.6mm. When using the standard spacer beneath the ground glass, it’s impossible to use Instax as a preview exposure, as the film plane for standard sheet film holders is 19.6mm further forwards. By fitting this spring back adaptor/ground glass, which is a standard mount for all Graflok-compatible large format cameras, it’s now possible to use any roll/sheet/plate holders alongside an Instax wide preview exposure.

Compatible with all cameras that utilise a Graflok standard mount. Includes ground glass, LomoGraflok unit not included

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