Six:12 Classic & Lens Cone of Choice



The same multi-format Six:12 camera, but in a classic wood finish.

Lens and accessory viewfinder not included

Additional information

Lens Cone Required

Schneider SA 47mm F5.6 MC, Schneider 47mm F5.6 XL, Schneider 65mm F5.6, Schneider 65mm F8, Nikkor 65mm F4, Schneider 75mm F5.6, Schneider SA 75mm F8, Schneider 90mm F6.8, Schneider 90mm F8, Nikkor 90mm F8, Nikkor 105mm F5.6, Schneider 105mm 3.5, Super Topcor 120mm F5.6, Schneider 135mm F5.6, Mamiya Press (all lenses), Single 0.4mm Pinhole, Stereo 0.4mm Pinhole

Lens Board

Compur 00, Copal 0, Copal 1, 54mm, Mamiya Press (no lens board required), Custom (specify size required on checkout – up to 54mm)

Grip Position

Right Hand, Left Hand, No Grip

Grip Finish

Standard Black Plastic, Wood Style, Flexible Rubber, No Grip

Grip Style

Standard Smooth, Moulded Style, No Grip


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