“TriChroma” – TriChrome filter adaptor for Cube Pinhole



Magnetic “TriChroma” Adaptor for Cube

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“TriChrome” photography is the method of combining three colour-filtered (Red, Green, Blue) black and white images, to create a single colour photograph.


Many photographers enjoy using this process to create unique results, and this custom adaptor helps photographers to expend their Chroma Cube with a magnetically-secured rotating triple filter unit.

By rotating the “TriChroma” adaptor between frames, it’s simple to expose the same scene three times, without needing to remove/replace traditional coloured filters each time. Weighing less than 20g, the magnetic rotating filter can be easily attached to your Cube using the integrated magnets.

Photographer Andrew Keedle (https://twitter.com/apkeedle), has been testing out the TriChroma adaptor with his Cube, and sharing his excellent results;






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