“TriChroma” – TriChrome filter adaptor for Cube Pinhole Cameras

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Magnetic “TriChroma” Adaptor for Cube Cameras

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Lead time – 1 Week



“TriChrome” photography is the method of combining three colour-filtered (Red, Green, Blue) black and white images, to create a single colour photograph.


Many photographers enjoy using this process to create unique results, and this custom adaptor helps photographers to expend their Chroma Cube with a magnetically-secured rotating triple filter unit.

By rotating the “TriChroma” adaptor between frames, it’s simple to expose the same scene three times, without needing to remove/replace traditional coloured filters each time. Weighing less than 20g, the magnetic rotating filter can be easily attached to your Cube using the integrated magnets.

Two versions of the TriChroma Adaptor are available, one for the smaller Cube 135, and one for the large Cube66. Please choose the relevant version when ordering.


Photographer Andrew Keedle (https://twitter.com/apkeedle), has been testing out the TriChroma adaptor with his Cube, and sharing his excellent results;






Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg
Film Format

35mm, 120 (medium format)


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