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2024 CubePan Advanced with framefinder and frame inserts

2024 CubePan Advanced with framefinder and frame inserts

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The 2024 CubePan is a compact, lightweight, camera system with interchangeable lens cones to allow for a range of focal lengths to be used by the photographer.

All 2024 CubePan cameras come with one lens cone/helicoid (where required) as standard. If there is a specific lens you wish to use, and it's not listed, get in touch and a custom cone can be designed, so long as the rear element is smaller than 60mm diameter, and the shutter size is smaller than 54mm;

All lens cones are secured using a tab beneath the grip and a sliding latch on the opposite side. This ensures that they are very secure, but can be easily removed to swap lens cones as required (lens not included with camera).

The CubePan has a traditional hinged rear door with a slot-in film reminder tab, and an innovative spring catch to securely lock it in the closed position.


The widest frame format is a truly panoramic 24x72mm, all cameras also come with slot-in baffles, which can be fitted before loading the film, to reduce the frame size to 18x24mm (Half Frame) or 24x36mm (Full Frame). Like the Baby Cube pinhole system, there is an integrated sprocket hole counting mechanism, and an external indicator wheel, allowing precise frame spacing for each frame format (36 exposure film roll for example);

Half Frame - 18x24mm - 1 half rotation of the indicator wheel - 72 frames
Full Frame - 24x36mm - 1 full rotation of the indicator wheel - 36 frames
Panoramic - 24x72mm  - 2 full rotations of the indicator wheel - 18 frames


The CubePan camera weighs only 274g, without lens, making it a very compact system that you can comfortably carry in a small bag, or attached via a camera strap. It uses a precise ratchet and traditional spring-return lever for winding the film. 

On the top plate, there is a simple clicked frame counter wheel on the shoulder, allowing you to manually keep track the film usage. There are 18 defined click-stop positions, which can be manually selected after each frame is exposed. This gives a quick indication of film usage whilst using the camera. 

The darkslide, which is inserted on the right side next to the grip, can be left out at all times, unless you wish to change lens cone mid-roll, as there is a sprung light trap inside the top plate.

 On the left side of the top plate there is a removable 'framefinder'. All CubePan cameras come with one lens cone, a lens board and a framefinder that matches the focal length of the lens. The framefinder is a non-optical composition guide, which helps to frame your image according to the lens in use. The widest lens that can be mounted to the CubePan is the Schneider 47mm F5.6 non-XL.

In the base of the CubePan there is a standard 1/4" tripod thread mount. 

The panoramic format (24x72) of the CubePan is the same width as a 6x7 medium format frame, but just under half the height. This gives a crop factor of 0.5, so the table below shows some equivalent lenses when selecting one for your CubePan;


6 x 7 Lens 35mm Equivalent
45mm 23mm
50mm 25mm
65mm 33mm
90mm (normal angle of view)  45mm
105mm 53mm
127mm 64mm
165mm 83mm
180mm 90mm



Included with your CubePan 

CubePan Camera
Lens cone of your choice
 Matching “framefinder”
Lens Board of your choice (if required)
Drop-in ground glass for setting up your preferred focus distances
18x24 "Half Frame" Insert
24x36 "Full Frame" Insert
Compact wrist strap



There are no lenses or other accessories included with the CubePan - These are to be supplied by the photographer.

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