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Chroma Camera

LomoGraflok Skin Set

LomoGraflok Skin Set

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The LomoGraflok from Lomography is a fantastic way to deliver instant results, without compromising on lens quality. Paired with a SnapShot Instant Edition, it creates a formidable, flexible, instant system which can grow with your own photography.

However, every LomoGraflok looks exactly the same, which isn't really what Chroma is about! This custom laser cut, self-adhesive, skin set can be fitted easily with no tools and a perfect fit, allowing you to build your own personal custom Instant Edition.

The skin is cut from a durable, exterior grade, air release adhesive vinyl which can be simply aligned with the front of the camera and stuck in place by removing the rear paper covering. It is available in two finishes;



Select your favourite colour from the list below, and build your perfect LomoGraflok!

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