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Schneider 65mm F6.8 Lens with Camera Setup

Schneider 65mm F6.8 Lens with Camera Setup

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The Schneider 65mm F6.8 lens is a super light, and very compact, lens housed in a Compur00 shutter. The lens is recommended for formats up to 6x9, with an image circle of 109mm

Weighing only 80g and being 21mm long makes this lens a fantastic combination with a CubePan (24x72 135 format), Six:6 (6x6 120 format), Six:9 (6x9 120 format) or SnapShot Instant (Instax Wide - LomoGraflok back not included)

This lens/shutter has recently had a full CLA ("Clean Lubricate Adjust") completed, and all shutter speeds are performing correctly.

Select your preferred camera system below, and you will receive a full setup that just needs film.

Included in the setup:

- Camera body of your choice, with drop in ground glass for focus setup

- Schneider 65mm 6.8 lens in Compur 00 shutter

- Compur 00 Lens board

- Matching lens cone



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