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SnapShot InstantWide V2

SnapShot InstantWide V2

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The SnapShot InstantWideV2 has been designed to be used exclusively with the Lomography LomoGraflok Instax Wide back (not included) and the slot in lens cones from my Six9 camera for a high quality, and truly portable, instant experience.

The LomoGraflok is secured using a combination of traditional Graflok mount and a thumbscrew which screws into the tripod mount on the LomoGraflok for added security. The lens cones are secured using a physical sliding latch, for a truly flexible Instax system, offering a wide range of high quality lens compatibility to really get the best out of Instax film.

The camera also comes with a drop-in ground glass, which is fitted inside the LomoGraflok before first use, to allow you to mark you preferred focus distances on the white ring around the all-metal focusing helicoid. These markings can then be used to focus on your chosen subject using traditional zone focusing.

Along the top edge of the camera body, there are three standard sized cold shoes, allowing for multiple accessories to be mounted, such as rangefinder, viewfinder or light meter (not included). 

The standard top and bottom plates/grip are matte black. If you would prefer to have these in a different colour, please select your preference from the drop-down when ordering.

Select the lens you wish to mount from the list below, along with the lens board you require. If you wish to mount a lens that isn't in the available list, please get in touch. Lens cones can be designed for most lenses, so long as the rear element of the lens is smaller than 60mm diameter, as it needs to pass through the centre of the focusing helicoid.

Included with your SnapShot Instant Edition
SnapShot Instant Edition Body
Drop-in ground glass
Lens cone/board of choice



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