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SnapShot Pinhole

SnapShot Pinhole

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The SnapShot Pinhole is a super light (300g) multi-format large format pinhole system, which is compatible with a wide range of film backs and formats.

Using an innovative setup of strong carbon filament spring plates and interchangeable spacers, the SnapShot Pinhole is compatible with the following film holder types;


Standard 4x5 Sheet Film Holders (DDS)
All Graflok-Compatible medium format roll film backs
Grafmatic 6-sheet 4x5 sheet film holders
ChromaGraphica 4x5 wet plate holders
ChromaGraphica 4x5 dry plate holders


The SnapShot Pinhole uses a high quality laser drilled 0.2mm pinhole from Reality So Subtle, to deliver excellent results. As standard, the included magnetic cone creates a superwide 30mm pinhole to film distance, which also keeps the whole camera slim enough to fit in a small bag or worn around the neck using the integrated neck strap mounts. 

There are two tripod mounts on the body, for both portrait and landscape photography, along with two bubble levels to match.


All cameras come with two magnetic shutter plates, for complete flexibility;

1) Standard central shutter plate. Mounts the pinhole centrally in the frame, with no movements. 

2) Technical shutter plate. Mounts the pinhole 20mm off-centre, and can be rotated in 4 different positions, giving rise/fall and left/right shift by simply rotating the magnetic shutter unit. 


Along with the two shutters, the SnapShot Pinhole also comes with a set of four custom-designed magnetic filters, giving red/green/blue and yellow filter options. As well as allowing creative black and white photography, through the use of different coloured filters, the red/green/blue filters can also be used to create "TriChrome" photographs by combining three images of the same scene, with each different filter mounted.

This guide from Ilford shows how to create your own TriChrome's


Included with your SnapShot Pinhole

SnapShot Pinhole Body
Magnetic 30mm Cone
Standard Shutter
Technical Shutter
4 x Filter Set
Spacers / Thumbscrews
Example work copyright John Farnan



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