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Cube66 - 120/Medium Format Pinhole Camera

Cube66 - 120/Medium Format Pinhole Camera

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Weighing only 200g, with film loaded, the Cube66 is a pocketable medium format pinhole camera, which can go anywhere with you and deliver 6×6 frames of lovely squareness!

Like the #BabyCube, the refreshed medium format #120 Cube66 has a new integrated shutter, with an easy to use rotating magnetic trigger on the front plate, as well as a 0.2mm laser drilled pinhole from @RealitySoSubtle

The pair of aluminium winding knobs are sprung, making loading/unloading film really simple, whilst keeping them smooth.




120 Format Film

0.2mm Pinhole

30mm focal length

F/150 equivalent aperture

60x60mm frame size

Internal shutter plate 

Standard 1/4″ tripod thread on the base

Comes with 49mm threaded magnetic adaptor, to allow the use of standard screw on filters. Also compatible with my “TriChroma” triple filter system for creating truly unique TriChrome images. Filters and TriChroma adaptor not included.

The Cube66 has a rear window, with vinyl cover that can be replaced with the tab from your film box as a reminder, to allow the use of traditional frame numbers on the backing paper for frame alignment, meaning that spacing between images is always right, but still offers the flexibility for multiple exposures if you want to experiment for some truly unique results.

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