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SnapShot Multi - 4x5 System & 1 Front Plate of Choice

SnapShot Multi - 4x5 System & 1 Front Plate of Choice

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Updated for 2024, the SnapShot "Multi" offers complete flexibility in a handheld large format 4x5 system, which can be configured however you need, and switched as required.

Like the original Snapshot, the Multi system uses a lightweight, portable, design to make large format photography truly accessible without compromising quality. Compatible with most lenses from 47mm (fixed cone) upwards, the SnapShot is a great way to step into the world of large format, along with compatibility with a wide range of Instant, medium format and plate photography holders too.

The Multi system uses a brand new interchangeable magnetic front plate, allowing you to tailor your camera to your particular needs, and add different front plates going forwards. The current plates available are;


Traditional Bellows - "Standard" & “Technical

Shortest possible lens = 65mm Flange Depth “FFD”


Fixed Cone - "Rigid"

Shortest possible lens = 50mm Flange Depth “FFD”


The two Traditional Bellows front plates use 4 steel interchangeable metal spacer bars to adjust their length, allowing for a range of lenses from 65mm to 180mm to be fitted. These metal spacer bars are available to purchase separately, along with additional lens boards, to allow for multiple lenses to be used with the same bellows setup.



The basic SnapShot Body/front plates/bellows and a standard film holder total 50mm depth. This is a constant depth, so to calculate the spacer bars required you would simply subtract 50 from the "FFD" of the lens you wish to use. The FFD, or "Flange Depth" is the optical characteristic of all lenses, which determines how far the lens must be mounted from the film plane to focus to infinity. If the lens is not mounted this distance away, or slightly closer to the film, you will not be able to focus all the way to infinity. 

The FFD of a lens can be located in the technical spec sheets for it. This website has an excellent summary table of some of the most common lenses;



The Fixed cone front plates are built specifically for one lens, designed to mount it at infinity, with the smooth metal focusing helicoid then used to adjust focus like an SLR. It uses the same custom round lens boards as the Traditional Bellows front, which are threaded onto the focusing helicoid, and offers a lightweight option for when only one lens is going to be used.

All cameras use the same comfortable right hand removable grip design, along with two integrated tripod mounts (portrait/landscape) and a hole through the grip for fitting a cable release.


IMPORTANT – In order for a lens to be compatible with any front plate, the rear element must be smaller than 60mm diameter, as it is mounted through the focusing helicoid. The only exception to this is the Schneider 47XL, which has a 63mm diameter rear element, but can be mounted using a custom slim lens board, which allows for limited closer focus travel from infinity.

This is an excellent video by Martin Henson, showing how he uses his SnapShot to great effect;


Standard 4×5 sheet film holders are inserted beneath the sprung ground glass, like any traditional large format camera. Along with these, the following holders have also been tested to successfully fit beneath the glass;

Fujifilm Quickload
Grafmatic 6 sheet holder
Polaroid 545
ChromaGraphica double dry plate 
ChromaGraphica single wet plate


To fit larger holders, such as medium format rollfilm, LomoGraflok, or Polaroid, the ground glass must be removed entirely, allowing for the standard "Graflok" plates to secure the holder. Do not attempt to force deeper holders beneath the ground glass, as it could damage your springs/camera.


The following are included with all SnapShot Multi cameras:

  • Fixed Metal M65 helicoid – 14mm of adjustment range
  • Lens boardadditional boards available separately
  • Removable Ground glass – with integrated rebate for optional fresnel lens
  • Integrated "Graflok" plates for securing non-sheet film holders


On top of the above, the following are included with Traditional Bellows plates:

  • High quality lightweight black bellows  – manufactured by hand here at Chroma
  • Technical Sliding front plate - (Technical version only) giving 15mm of rise/fall and left/right shift
  • Set of 4 aluminium spacer bars for bellows plateaccording to lens focal length


Simply select the front plate style that you wish to use, along with the lens you want to mount, and the relevant cones/spacer bars will be included. If there is a lens that you wish to use that isn't listed, please get in touch and I'm happy to confirm that it will fit.


There is no lens, remote cable release or film holder included with the Snapshot – These will need to be supplied by the photographer.


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